Train to be your best!
At ANY Age!

Train to be your best!
At ANY Age!

Train to be your best!
At ANY Age!


Be Challenged
Test Your Limits


Improve Balance & Stability




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Christian not only helped me get my body back — four years after having a baby, and it has not been easy — he helped me get my confidence back, and convinced me I am strong from the inside out. There are a lot of trainers who can build your muscles and send you on your way, but there are an elite few who can guide a client through a personal journey with forward-thinking knowledge and know-how about what you need to get stronger, and then combine it with grace, humor, emotional support and a healthy dose of kick ass when it’s needed. Christian is absolutely one of those few.

-Tracey T.

Christian has a great personality and ignores our whining!! I feel like I get a great workout every time. Definitely works with any limitations we have.

-Marcia H.

Christian is a great personal trainer. He is always on time and very responsive and flexible in case you are too weak, too sore or sick. He is demanding yet personable and makes the workout fun and easier to bear. I highly recommend him to everyone.

-Debbie L.

Hi had a wonderful experience with Christian! He is an knowledgeable trainer and helped me to improve my 1/2 marathon pace by 9 minutes! I would definitely recommend Christian to anyone trying to improve their fitness.

-Heather R.

I Had a great challenge ahead of me when training with Christian. He had a well planned out workout session and actually did most of the exercises with the group! He’s motivated and a great listener as we all have different needs. I would definitely recommend him!

-Ttr R.

I am so pleased with my results after training with Christian! His knowledge and willingness to share it has truly helped me get in shape both physically and mentally! I love how uncomplicated he makes things. I continue to apply the effective teachings to my daily life. I am grateful that Christian helped in my journey.

-Kinyata F.

He asked for feedback about his custom tailored work outs and then tweek them to meet my specific needs, even finding a way to work in workouts at the park so I could bring my kids! Best Trainer Ever!

-Sarah J.

Awesome trainer!! As a military member I have to keep up on my physical fitness, so as you can imagine when I fell below the cusp in the cardiovascular department I called on Christian to whip me back in shape… Needless to say it only took me a short month to not only pass my PT test but crushed it thanks to my main man Christian. Overall I lost 17 pounds and ran my mile in a half in approx 1230 minutes. Not to mention we only met once a week… #gotoguy

-Brian B.

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